What is body-cam?

This is facilitated by the availability of video filming: now the majority have smartphones, action cameras or DVRs at hand, which do an excellent job with the task. But all of these gadgets are more or less sensitive to mechanical stress or are too large to use if you want to record action moments, like sport events. Body-cam is an answer which can solve all these issues. But now this technology has found application in new areas such as sports recording and broadcasting. So how does it work and how can we use it for sport, such as football?

How does body-cam work?

Body-cam manufacturers regularly improve their products, and today the de facto standard for resolution is FullHD. The optics used in most cases are reduced to wide-angle. Among all the positive qualities of this device, the following main aspects can be distinguished: compact size, excellent quality of Body camera shooting, the ability to take a photo, durable body, durable battery, the presence of an optimal amount of built-in memory,and built-in GPS navigator.

How can a body-cam be used for sport?

Any football fan can tell you that watching a football match on TV and watching it in the stadium are two big differences. Now imagine that you could see a football match or any sport event from the point of view of any player on the field. It is a totally new and unbelievable experience. You will be able to feel yourself a part of your favorite football team and experience all their ups and downs together with them. You may even witness historic victories. It also gives you a better understanding of how it is to be a professional football player. Not to mention that body-cam will be able to improve refereeing during controversial moments in football matches. It will definitely be even better than virtual reality glasses or any of football games for the PlayStation

Body-cam will take sports broadcasts to a whole new level and will offer once in a lifetime experience for billions of football fans across the globe.